Research Statement

My primary research goals are directed towards understanding the complex nature of cancer by computationally modelling cancer omics data. My research is primarily focused on development and application of computational methods integrating cancer omics data so as to enable precision oncology. The methods I develop leverage complex network approaches which helps to bring these multi-dimensional data into a single-analysis framework.

My current research focuses on exploring this idea analyzing genotype-phenotype relationships in cancer to prioritize cancer driver genes and precision therapeutics. Most recently, my research led to define a novel molecular subtype as well as biomarker stratifying this subtype of a rare cancer of abdomen potentially vulnerable to immunotherapy.

Furthermore, I would like to understand the spatial heterogeneity in cancer. I believe, communication between tumor and its micro-environment and vice-versa is critical for cancer progression and therapeutic resistance. Using single-cell multi-omics, I would like to study how tumor-microenvironment communication shapes cancer evolution and how we can leverage this knowledge to develop novel cancer therapeutics.